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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions from our clients and helpful tips & tricks to keep your hair healthy and managed from end to end

First make sure you have fully combed out or brushed out the wigs.

Comb the hair carefully from ends to root. (Make sure not to rip through the hair is it will bald the lace and create split ends.)

After hair is fully detangled rinse hair with warm water. (Rinse hair in a downward motion as it will make it less likely for hair to tangle.)

Shampoo hair using a clarifying shampoo. Dawn dish detergent is also great for getting out build up. Be sure to comb through the hair throughout this process.

If you have glue or products in your lace use an old toothbrush to slowly brush away glue. Do not rub lace together to remove glue it will create balding.

Do a second shampoo using a moisturizing shampoo.

Rinse thoroughly and use a good conditioner. Let the conditioner sit for an hour or overnight depending on the amount of time you have available.

Rinse conditioner out thoroughly. Spray leave in conditioner throughout hair.

Apply a light oil and rub through the hair.

Put wig on a mannequin head. Part desired part and mold hair in desired style.

Let wig air dry for best results.

To care daily for your wig, be sure to keep hair combed/brushed free of tangles.

When not out and about you can twist or braid your hair in big section or roller set it. This makes it easier to keep a wave or curl in the hair without the over use of heat.

Sleep with your Vixen Elastic band around the edges of the lace and your Vixen Hair Bonnet to protect your hair while sleeping or cleaning.

Stay away from using too many hair sprays, gels, and heavy oils as it will cause build up in hair.

Treat your hair extensions like it is your natural hair. The more love you give it the better it will look.

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The Hair Vixens does not service children under 10 years old. To keep the salon environment it’s employees and customers safe. We ask that only the client being serviced be present to appointments.

Yes, just be sure to type down or wrap your hair properly. Our hair bonnets and elastic bands are great for keeping your hair in place longer, and helping curls to stay.

For glueless installs you can always ask for me to cut your lace and tint your lace for you to your hairline and complexion.

You will need to cut the lace around your ears.

For glue-less wig install the elastic band and adjustable straps are already in the wig. Adjust to a comfortable but snug fit and wear.

Our wigs are already styled with knots bleached and hairline plucked for natural appearance. We style your wig so you don’t have to.

For glued wigs here is an install video of me installing a wig and going through the steps. Subscribe to my VIP subscriptions for updated videos on how to take better care of your hair.


Yes, wigs can be returned for misfit if it has not been worn, has no adhesives in the lace and lace has not been cut.

You have (48) hours to contact us about wig not fitting and return wig. Be sure to always try your wig on as soon as you receive it.

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No, we only use Top Virgin or Raw hair when designing our custom wigs.

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