How to look classy for any event, date or outing.

Key tips to keep it classy:

  1. Straight hair – straight sleek hair comes across very classy. Rather it’s a long sleek ponytail with center part or a short sleek bob. Straight hair has been a staple classic look for decades. Body curls are also another classic look just make sure every hair is in place.
  2. Where neutral colors rather it’s white, black or a nude. These neutral tones give a very elegant chic appearance.
  3. Under garments. Grab you some Spanx or some type of under garment to conceal and smoothen anything you don’t want to stand out in your dress or clothing.
  4. Don’t show skin everywhere. If you have a low cut dress or top don’t combine that with a mini skirt. Where some long dress pants what’s a nice material to elongate your body. If you are exposing more leg make sure to top is covering your cleavage.
  5. A nice shoe. I am personally a heel lover but you don’t have to wear heels to look classy. just make sure your show fits the attire and look you are wearing, also that it fits you correctly. I love a pointed toe shoe. Always keep the neutral tones in your shoe collection. Also, keep that stand out shoe to sprinkle some of your personality into your look.
  6. Jewelry. Keep it cute. a nice stud or pearl earring. Simple watch. Necklace or no necklace depending on the top. Let it accessorize not over power the look.
  7. Make up. Not everyone where’s make up so make sure those brows are waxed, arched and making your eyes stand out. A nice lipstick or gloss and you are in the game. For my makeup wearers keep the eyeshadow almost skin tone. If it’s a late night event do a little smokey eye with a good red lipstick. Day events keep it natural and light. Don’t cake it on.

These are my tips on how to keep it classy. I hope you guys enjoyed these tips. Leave a comment telling us how you keep it classy.