I want to share with how good God is. So you remember me telling you I had never had a wig. I always wanted to try but wigs are so pricey I didn’t want to scrape up that nice chunk of money and never wear it. So, when God sent you to bless me, I didn’t know why. Well last fall I was diagnosed with Graves disease. I had some bundles and a closure in at the end of the year and once I finally took them out, the disease had taken 50% of my hair and even some of my eyebrows. Every time after that when I took my hair down more hair was gone. By March I was and am completely bald.🥺 I cried and cried and cried. And finally my hairdresser asked me where was the unit that you sent me (Because, I had already told her how a perfect stranger had blessed me with a beautiful unit). Long story short she installed it for me and I soooo love it. It’s (for now) the only thing that will work for me because quick weaves no longer work and of course sew ins need hair to be sewn onto. At first your very kind gesture didn’t make sense to me. Because although I did want and was interested in a unit, at the time, I didn’t NEED a unit. But God was preparing me for what was next! So he sent you! He USED you to prepare me for what was coming and now everything makes perfect sense. I just want to truly thank you for the bottom of my heart for what you did because you didn’t have too. God is so amazing. 🙌🏾 I live in a really small ignorant town and I’m so embarrassed about my hair. So in order for me to hide it I’m gonna have to immediately start saving money to purchase more units ( because I don’t have it like that). She’s literally taking down the unit and then putting the same one back in because I don’t have another one to wear while I rest, wash, etc the one you sent me. Girl I just wanted to share my story with you because you really saved my life and don’t even know it. Thanks again soooo much for allowing God to use you for me. Once I save up for another one I will most definitely will be spending with you and hopefully bringing new customers with me as I show off you brand. God bless you 💜

She wanted to share but remain Anonymous.